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largeness n : the property of having a relatively great size [syn: bigness] [ant: smallness, smallness]

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From large + -ness.




  1. Liberality; generosity.
  2. The property of being physically large.
  3. The quality of not being limited or constrained; having great scope.

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Large is an English surname.
Large may also refer to:
In botany:
In literature:
  • Geraldo at Large, syndicated newsmagazine hosted by FOX News correspondent and former talk show host Geraldo Rivera
  • Large font, type of book in which the pages and font are much larger
In mathematics:
In zoology:
In other fields:
  • Large burgh, defunct subdivision of Scotland
  • Large cent (United States coin), coin with a face value of 1/100 of a United States dollar
  • Large format, photographic films, view cameras and processes that use a film or digital sensor the size of 4 x 5 inches or larger
  • Large intestine, the last part of digestive system
  • "Large Marge", the fourth episode of The Simpsons fourteenth season
  • Large, a slang term for one thousand dollars

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